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Criminal Defense

Charges We Defend

  • General Crime - Have you or someone you love been accused of a crime? Often, the sooner a defense team gets involved, the better it is for the accused.

  • Drug Cases - The law surrounding drug offenses has gotten more complicated. A qualified defense attorney can make a big difference in attaining the best possible outcome for the client.

  • Violent Crime - Domestic violence, murder and police brutality cases.

  • RICO Cases - Federal racketeering cases.

  • Medicare Fraud - South Florida leads the nation in Medicare Fraud prosecutions. Finding the best possible defense is essential.

  • Mortgage Fraud - This type of white-collar crime has become prevalent in South Florida and is prosecuted aggressively. It's important that anyone accused of mortgage fraud understands the seriousness of the crime. A good defense team will help prepare the client to fight the charges.